Time for tears

It was a tough afternoon yesterday.  I cried as I spoke with Dr Stephen and again when all was dark and quiet at night.  The CT results show the tumor hasn’t grown which was a huge relief. Thankfully the results of genetic testing show Rory doesn’t have the genetic mutation (TP53) which predisposes him to cancer.  However, the surgeons are not keen to operate to remove the tumor. The operation is technically possible.  It is a major operation for a ‘normal’ healthy person let alone for Rory who received intensive treatment for brain cancer a decade ago and already has significant challenges/disabilities.  Removal of the tumor, and the clear margins necessary around it, would cause significant problems with the functioning of the left side of Rory’s face; movement, feeling, eating and speech.  It would require major reconstruction.  Complications are likely.  Sean and I are devastated.  Sean is returning to Auckland tomorrow.  We have asked for second opinions.  We are meeting with the specialists this week to gather more information, consider the options, and work with the team to find the best way forward for Rory. 

Rory remains well.  He is still trying to expel the Methotrexate.  They have upped his fluids to 355ml per hour.  We are both feeling a bit washed out this morning due to the night-time activity.  He is likely to be discharged on Monday.  We have decided to continue with the next cycle of chemo next week.  Jan the Starship teacher has found Rory. He thought he was going to give school the slip since he is a Year 12 and it is close to year end.  She has called in every day and spent time with him and left activities for him to do.  Rory spent some time in the Adolescent room yesterday afternoon playing games with the Canteen Co-ordinator and some of the teenagers having treatment.  He made sure he ate his share of the pizza.  

Thank you to uber drive Marton and Shirley for the delicious baking.