Viral illness

It is 2.45am and I can’t sleep.  Rory has a viral respiratory illness and is coughing continuously.  I can’t remember the last time he was sick.  It will have been sometime prior to September 2019.  Once he started treatment for osteosarcoma we kept him largely in a bubble to prevent illness and infection.  He had minimal time in the community.  The arrival of Covid19 meant we shrunk his bubble further reducing the risk of contact with the outside world.  The news that two people with Covid19 have been in the Taranaki community over Waitangi weekend has caused a ripple of fear.  None of our family have been to any of the places the two positive cases visited.  However, because Rory has symptoms he had to get a Covid swab yesterday.  It was not pleasant.  For four days he has had a runny nose, itchy throat and almost continuous cough and feels terrible.  He also has the personality of a grumpy troll.  I am staying home with him until we get the swab result and he feels better.  This will take at least the three days which Taranaki is in Level 2.