We are waiting.  Rory has been in theatre eight hours.  The Doctors told us we wouldn’t hear from someone until the end of the operation.  They would only contact us during if there was a complication.  Sean has been repeating ‘no news is good news’.  This doesn’t stop us from checking our cell phones several times every hour.  It is hard to wait.  You feel listless and terribly sad.  Tears leak and then Colt reaches for my hand.  We have been here before and you cannot wait around the hospital.  You just about lose your mind.  However, driving out of the hospital grounds felt like we were abandoning him.  We have been out wandering in Westfield Albany and the reserves around the Chelsea Sugar Factory.  We are now back at RM House watching the minutes tick by. 

As bad as it is for us it is a mammoth thing for Rory.  In the last ten years brain cancer and its treatment have had a severe impact on his life.  This operation and the aftermath will do more.  Dr Nick told us the tumor is large and in the top of the lower jaw adjacent to Rory’s brain.  He hoped to remove it all and a clear margin around it but it is so very close to vital structures.  I am afraid for Rory.  I can’t help but worry about the path we have chosen.  Dr Kath said we are no different to the other Starship families who are supporting their children to follow the light. 

The Nurse woke Rory and I at 5am this morning.  I got him showered and ready for surgery.  Sean and Colt arrived at 7am.  Dr Nick (surgeon) and Dr Ilia (reconstruction) arrived at 7.30am.  There was a hold up due to the need to ensure a station was set up for Rory in intensive care tonight.  Rory was finally wheeled down to the preparation area at 8.30am.  The Anaethetist tried several times to put a cannula in his arm to put him to sleep but most of his veins have collapsed.  Rory was distressed but taking lots of deep breaths.  She decided to put him to sleep with the mask.  Dr Kath appeared for support.  Sean was gowned and he went with Rory as he was wheeled into theatre at 9am.  A team of 10 people were waiting.  Sean held Rory’s hand as he went to sleep.