A cheeky courageous teenager who fought brain cancer in 2009 and is fighting bone cancer in 2019

Rory Gardiner is the middle son of Leigh Honnor and Sean Gardiner. Rory is 17 years old, little brother to Sam who is 19 and big brother to Colt who is 8. Rory currently attends Inglewood High School in Taranaki.

Rapid downhill slide

Feb 15, 2020

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Newborn Rory 2002

Please don't ask me how I am

Feb 12, 2020

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Beads of Courage 9 Feb 2020

Beads of Courage

Feb 10, 2020

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Chemo post-surgery

Feb 8, 2020

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Dr Nick and Rory low res

Dr Nick

Feb 6, 2020

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Jack and Rory Jan 2020 edit

Life on fast forward

Feb 3, 2020

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IHS Day 1 Rory

Starting School Year 13

Jan 31, 2020

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Clear margins - just

Jan 29, 2020

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Full time care

Jan 27, 2020

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