A cheeky courageous teenager who fought brain cancer in 2009 and is fighting bone cancer in 2019 and 2020

Rory Gardiner is the middle son of Leigh Honnor and Sean Gardiner. Rory is 18 years old, little brother to Sam who is 20 and big brother to Colt who is 9. Rory currently attends Inglewood High School in Taranaki.

Rosey Mabin Rory IHS

Graduating high school

Dec 11, 2021

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Sam and Colt listening to ipod

A Mother's greatest masterpiece

Dec 4, 2021

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Port Taranaki Rory Sean Nov 2021

Dad on duty

Nov 28, 2021

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PHI Helicopter ride with Poppa

Up, Up and Away

Nov 21, 2021

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Rory Prizegiving IHS 2021 III cropped

Te Awhinatia-Terrill Cup and Covid19 changes

Nov 13, 2021

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Dr Yvonne and Dr Paul

My life got flipped, turned upside down

Nov 6, 2021

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Panda can fly

If you don't try you'll never know if you can fly

Oct 31, 2021

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Branding iron Rory Oct 2021 II

It takes a village to realise dreams

Oct 24, 2021

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Rory Hearing Dogs v2

Therapy isn't a scary place for crazy people

Oct 17, 2021

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